General Upkeep

Spot clean by hand as necessary. Machine washing could damage the fabric and twist the arms of the stole. 
Use a lint roller for regular upkeep. Hang and cover between seasons. When packing, roll rather than fold.


If your stole becomes wrinkled, press it using a pressing cloth. Please press and lift with only minimal movement on the fabric. Pushing the iron over the long arms of the stole can twist the fabric permanently.
Batik and cotton stoles respond well to a hot iron with steam. Polyester and other fabrics need less heat.
For textured, velvet or plush fabrics place a clean thick towel on the ironing board and place the textured side of your stole onto the towel. Press only the back side of the stole. This technique keeps your stole‚Äôs texture intact. 


Red wine stains are an occupational hazard. You might be able to lessen or remove a wine stain with these ideas:
  • Drench in hydrogen peroxide
  • Pour salt over the stain and allow it to absorb the wine
  • Lightly scrub with soda water
  • Use very hot water 
Treat the stain as soon as possible for best results.

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